Take a Proactive Approach to Risk

Our Loss Control services are designed to help you reduce your exposure to loss and strengthen your approach to safety.

Anticipating Risks

Every company is vulnerable to accidents, injuries and losses. Celina Insurance Group companies have quality insurance solutions to keep you and your business protected in the event of a loss, but certain risks can be mitigated if they’re addressed before they become problems. 

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Prevent Workers’ Compensation Claims with a Loss Control Program

Our Loss Control team partners with your business to help you identify risks, prioritize safety and implement loss control strategies.

We help you:

  • Create a safer environment for your employees and customers.
  • Protect your business assets from damage or loss.

In addition to fostering safer workplaces and safeguarding your assets, this proactive approach can help you avoid filing workers’ compensation claims in the first place. Fewer claims can help you save on the overall cost of your policy.

Loss Control Services

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Safety consultations and onsite physical hazard surveys with one of our Risk and Safety Consultants

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Detailed claims analysis to determine trends, identify opportunities and offer risk management suggestions

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A variety of online training and safety policy development resources

Workers’ Compensation Resources

Below are resources to help manage workers’ compensation claims:

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Is Your Business Protected?

We offer small business insurance and workers’ compensation coverage options to fit your needs.

Accident and Injury Calculations

Have you ever wondered how your company measures up when it comes to accidents and injuries? Or how accidents can affect your company’s bottom line? Our Risk and Safety Consultants can provide you with the following calculations:

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Vehicle Accident Rate
A measurement of the number of accidents per vehicle per year. Frequency is measured in terms of High, Medium or Low.

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Employee Injury Rate
A measurement of the number of injuries per 100 employees (OSHA incidence rate). We include an industry average comparison.

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Total Cost of Accidents
A measurement that takes into account the total cost of accidents. We include an estimate of the increased sales or income required to offset these costs and expenses.

Getting a free calculation is easy.

Simply send us an email by clicking the request button, and we’ll work with you to create a personalized report.