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The primary goals of the Celina Insurance Claims Department are Customer Service and Accurate Claim Payment.

The Celina Insurance Claims Department is made up of trained and experienced claims' professionals. We handle claims every day, but we realize you may only have one or two claims in your entire life. Knowing the experience for you, our customer, can be difficult, we will endeavor to be courteous, understanding and professional in the handling of all aspects of your claim.

We will strive to exceed your expectations and to make the claims process go as smoothly as possible for you.

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(419) 586-5181 or (800) 231-2318


Direct Repair Program

Celina is a preferred partner with many local body shops, all of which were chosen due to their excellent customer service and quality of work. These shops and the Celina Insurance Group both guarantee the workmanship of the completed repairs for as long as the current owner owns the vehicle. Remember, vehicle owners always have the freedom to choose their own repair facility, but by choosing a Celina Insurance Group preferred partner, we can offer that additional peace of mind that goes with our lifetime guarantee.

Click here to search for a participating body shop in your area>>>

Automobile Glass-Only Claims

We have partnered with Safelite Glass Solutions to provide prompt and effective glass claim service, which is available 24 hours/day 7 days a week. Call us at (800) 231-2318 for service. We will waive your comprehensive deductible if the chip or small crack can be repaired safely rather than replaced.

After Hours Claims

Celina Insurance Group offers 24 hours/day 7 days a week claim service. Call (800) 231-2318 any time to report your claim.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

If your policy contains Emergency Roadside Assistance coverage, you have coverage 24 hours/day 7 days a week. Call (800) 231-2318 any time you are in need of Emergency Roadside service.


  1. Reporting your claim promptly is the most important part of getting the process started. Report all claims as soon as possible.
  2. Provide as much information as possible:
    • - Insured Name
      - Policy #
      - E-mail Address
      - Phone #'s
      - Police or Fire Department contacted
      - Vehicle (all vehicles) or Property Damage Information
      - Date of Loss
      - Description of Loss
      - Other Parties (property owners or injured) - including name, address, and phone.
  3. Examine your property before turning in your claim and describe the damage to us when reporting.
  4. If your claim creates an emergency situation for you, only report your claim via phone. We can then provide you the immediate services you need.
  5. Forward to us all estimates, bills, inventory lists, and police reports if you have them.
  6. Please let us know of any additional information obtained after the claim is submitted.

leaf bulletFrequently Asked Questions

Q: After reporting my claim, how soon will I be contacted by my claim representative?

A: Customer service is our primary goal. We strive to provide you productive first contact within 8 business hours of receiving your claim. In that first contact, we will set your expectations and our expectations on how the claim process will go. To help facilitate our initial contact with you, please provide us your current contact information when reporting your claim.

Q: How does Celina Insurance Group combat Insurance Fraud?

A: Insurance Fraud is a serious crime that is estimated to cost policyholders billions of dollars a year. Celina Insurance Group takes aggressive action against those who file these false claims. If you have information regarding a fraudulent claim, please call our Special Investigative Unit (SIU) at 800-552-5181. All reports to our SIU will be kept strictly confidential.

Q: How do I contact my adjuster or check on the status of my claim?

A: Mail to:

Celina Insurance Group Claim Department
1 Insurance Square
Celina, OH 45822
Phone: (800) 552-5181
Fax: (419) 586-8343

To expedite response time, include your name, policy number, claim number, and adjuster name in any correspondence.

Q: How will my loss settlement amount be calculated?

A: The policy contract will outline your loss settlement conditions and the method your Celina Insurance Claims Representative will use in determining loss payment. Most policies are written at Actual Cash Value, some include Replacement Cost provisions, and others involve a combination of both valuation methods. Your Celina Insurance Claims Representative will discuss with you the method of your loss settlement.

Q: What do I do if I have been involved in an accident?


  1. Never admit to being at fault for an accident, or sign a statement of liability until after your Celina Insurance Claims Representative has investigated the accident.
  2. Call the police if someone has been injured, damage is extensive, your vehicle has been stolen, or you need their assistance.
  3. Protect your auto from further damage.
  4. Report the claim promptly to Celina Insurance Group or your Agent.

Q: What do I do if I have had a property loss?


  1. Protect your property from further damage.
  2. Report the claim promptly to Celina Insurance Group or your Agent.
  3. Keep all receipts for services incurred or property purchased to replace damaged or destroyed property.
  4. Do not discard any damaged property until after your Celina Claims Representative has authorized you to do so.
  5. Take photos of your damaged property and e-mail them to us at
  6. Prepare a detailed inventory list of all property damaged, destroyed or stolen, and provide it to your Celina Claims Representative.

leaf bulletTestimonials

"...Thank you for all your company has done to help First United Methodist Church in Ada recover from our devastating fire.... I would especially like to recognize the good work and excellent communication we have had with [our claims adjuster]. He has always been responsive, knowledgeable, and supportive. His experiences were helpful to us."
- Bob McCurdy, First United Methodist Church, Ada, Ohio

"Our area was hit by a hailstorm that almost defies description. Your fine company led the way in turning that horrible event into a happy ending. (Your) Claims Department has proven that the insureds that we have placed with your fine company can sleep in comfort."
- Gary T. Cooper, Gary Cooper Insurance, Clinton, TN

"The May 2011 hail storm was the worst catastrophe loss in our agency’s history. Celina’s Claims Department was there to help in so many ways. They offered hands-on help and contacted our insureds the same day of the loss."
- Linda Carles, Hosler-Corbin, Findlay, Ohio

"I'm 73 and have been with a few insurance companies. Celina Insurance is by far the best company I’ve ever had. When my wife was in a wreck, her entire claim was settled within two weeks. Our adjuster took care of everything and made the experience as painless as it could be."
- David Gick, New Haven, IN

"After our family's business sustained a terrible fire, I can honestly say your handling of our claim has been better than anyone could have expected. No one ever wants to go through this....You have instilled a confidence in your company I didn't think was possible. On behalf of Myers Farms, thank you for all you have done."
- Bill Myers & The Myers Family, Policyholders, Oregon, OH

"When storms hit our area in April, Celina was on the ball. Our customers received checks before some other carriers had even completed inspections."
- Tina Hutsenpiller, Hutsenpiller Insurance Services,
Mount Juliet, TN

"Your adjuster’s immediate and competent handling of the claim caused Celina Insurance Group to shine. This positive claim experience allows me to cheerfully and confidently sell Celina’s promise of protection."
- Jim Dale, Dale Insurance Services, Peru, IN