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At Celina Insurance Group, we provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your future is protected. We offer coverages and limits to protect you and your assets in the event of an accident, regardless of fault and the other party’s insurance situation.

An additional premium will apply to each coverage added to your policy, and certain qualifications may apply. Talk with your independent agent today to see if any of these optional coverages are right for you.

Select an optional coverage to learn more:

  1. Emergency Roadside Assistance
  2. Flat tire? Dead battery? Emergency Roadside Assistance provides access to the following services in the event of a disablement on the roadway:

      Fluid delivery
      Flat tire change
      Jump start
      Lockout services
  3. Transportation Expense Coverage/Rental Reimbursement
  4. If your vehicle is stolen or damaged under a covered loss, Transportation Expense helps pay for rental car costs.

  5. Named Non-Owner and Extended Non-Owned policies
  6. Don’t own a car, or provided a vehicle by an employer? Celina offers coverage to protect you in these situations.

  7. First Accident Forgiveness
  8. You just had an accident ... and now your premium goes up. Maybe not. First Accident Forgiveness may be purchased to waive the surcharge if the accident meets certain qualifications.

  9. $0 Deductible Glass Coverage
  10. We have all experienced it – a stone kicked up from the vehicle in front of us, a wayward bird that just doesn’t fly away from the road quick enough. By purchasing $0 Deductible Glass Coverage, no deductible will apply to replace the safety glass on your windshield or windows.

  11. Replacement Cost Coverage
  12. Have you purchased a new vehicle? Replacement Cost Coverage will replace a covered vehicle that is declared a total loss with a new vehicle of the same or similar year, make, series, and model as your previous vehicle.

  13. Auto Loan/Lease Gap
  14. Concerned about a potential gap in coverage if your vehicle is totaled? Auto Loan/Lease Gap coverage pays the difference between the outstanding indebtedness on a loan or lease agreement and the actual cash value of the vehicle.

  15. Various deductible options
  16. Choose deductibles you are comfortable with – both financially and emotionally.

  17. Miscellaneous Vehicles
  18. Have a "toy" that needs insured? We offer coverage for the following miscellaneous vehicles:

      Motor Homes
      All-Terrain Vehicles
      Dune Buggies
      Golf Carts
      Electric Autos
      Antique and Classic Autos
  19. Motorcycle-only Coverages
  20. Accessories Coverage

    Accessories coverage of $3,000 is automatically included for your cycle if you purchased comprehensive coverage on the cycle. Provides coverage for devices, enhancements, or changes other than those the original manufacturer installed.

    Sunny Day Coverage

    Itching to get out on that warm, winter day? Sunny Day Coverage allows for occasional use during the 3-month lay up period from December 1 through March 1.

    Travel Package

    Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. If you are wearing a helmet or full leathers at the time of an accident, we will double the Medical Payments limits (up to $10,000) and waive the Medical Payments deductible.

    If your cycle has physical damage during a covered accident and is your primary means of transportation, we offer up to $200 for safety helmet coverage, a $50 travel expense to get home, and $15 per day for rental expenses.

Not all coverages, credits, and discounts are available in all states and/or programs.