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Trade Contractors Program

Does your insurance policy have the right tools to meet the needs of your contracting business?

Eligible Classes of Business Include:


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Do You Need Contractors Errors and Omissions Liability?

This coverage protects you from liability damages and defense costs due to claims brought by customers who allege property damage or impaired property arising from your work or work product.

Contact your independent Celina agent for more details.

Specific Coverages

We give you automatic coverage for $2,000, and you can increase this limit up to $100,000. We also include coverage for transporting or storing the material/equipment.

We do—$2,500 is built right into your policy. Increase this to higher limits if you need more coverage. You can also get coverage for larger equipment.

We do. Our program provides services that help guard you and your employees against identity theft and data breach issues.

With our Trade Contractors Program, you’re covered–at no extra charge–for up to $5,000 for any one loss or up to $25,000 total during the policy period.

We can—our policy includes coverages for loss of business income, money and securities, employee dishonesty, accounts receivable and much more. It’s easy to tailor a policy to your specific requirements. Add building coverage, inland marine, auto or umbrella coverage, as your insurance needs dictate.

  • Additional insureds for work contracts
  • Non-owned tools or employees’ tools
  • Lessor of leased equipment
  • Manager or lessee of premises

We could cover these and more at a minimal additional cost. Contact your agent for details and eligibility.

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Information in this brochure is only a summary of the provisions of the policy. Certain terms, exclusions, and limitations apply. For details, consult your policy or your independent Celina Insurance Group agent.

Coverage is underwritten by The Celina Mutual Insurance Company in IN, OH, TN and WV.

SA-285 (0723)