Celina Farm Insurance IconFarm Program Strengths

  1. Experienced Independent Agents
  2. Independent agents work for you, and it is their job to find you the best combination of coverage, service, and price. Speak with someone locally who understands your needs. Contact your local Celina Insurance Group agent today to help you design a policy that is right for you and your business.

  3. Superior Claims Service
  4. Our goal is not only to provide you with prompt and fair claims service but also to provide first contact to you within 8 business hours of receiving a claim. Our claim representative will call you – giving you direction and peace of mind. Whether your claim happens during the business hours or after hours, our team is here to respond to your need.

  5. Superior coverage at competitive rates
    • Building Collapse (Broad Form)
      Intake of foreign objects (rock in combine) – automatic with special form
      Rented/Borrowed Farm Personal Property- automatic $10,000
      Livestock Suffocation coverage- automatic $25,000*
      Cargo in your Care, Custody and Control- automatic $2,000*
      Extra Expense- automatic $5,000*
      Fire Legal at Policy Limits
      Combines as unscheduled farm personal property
  6. Package policy
  7. We can provide complete protection for everything from your house and barns, to your equipment, livestock, autos and farm trucks - all under one policy!

*Higher limits available

Not all coverages, credits, and discounts are available in all states.