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  1. Recreational Vehicle liability
  2. Provides on and off premises liability and medical payments coverage for owned recreational vehicles.

  3. Limited Farm Pollution Coverage
  4. The policy may be endorsed to provide limited coverage for certain pollution exposures.

  5. Peak Season
  6. If farm personal property is insured on the policy, this endorsement allows a farmer to increase and pay the additional cost to increase their farm personal property limit for a specified period of time. This endorsement is commonly used to increase coverage for grain in storage during harvest or for seed and chemicals during planting season.

  7. Equipment Breakdown
  8. Regardless of size, most farms have insurable equipment breakdown exposures from pumps, motors, electrical panels, and dryers to milking machines and feed mixers. Also, don’t forget about all the equipment breakdown exposures in a dwelling. Coverage is available for physical loss or damage originating within mechanical, electrical, electronic or fiber optic equipment caused by, resulting from or consisting of mechanical breakdown: electrical or electronic breakdown; or rupture, bursting, bulging, implosion, or steam explosion.

  9. Functional/Modified Functional Replacement Cost Loss Settlement
  10. For no additional premium charge, we will agree to repair or replace a damaged dwelling with less costly common construction materials and methods which are functionally equivalent to obsolete, antique or custom construction materials and methods used in original construction of the dwelling.

  11. Water Back Up of Sewer or Drains
  12. This coverage is available for direct loss to property for dwellings and personal property caused by water which backs up through sewers or drains.

  13. Equine Property Enhancement
  14. This enhancement endorsement provides up to $10,000 coverage for equine related personal property (limit $2,000 per any one item); $2,500 coverage for field and pasture fences; and $1,000 for signs.

  15. Theft of Building Materials
  16. Under the Dwelling and Outbuilding Coverage(s) we will cover, up to the amount of insurance purchased, your materials and supplies which are on, adjacent to, or in transit to the "insured location(s)" for use in the construction, alteration or repair of the covered dwelling, outbuilding or other structures on the "insured location(s)".

  17. Replacement Cost Coverage for Personal Property
  18. Household contents can be insured for the full cost of repair or replacement without deduction for depreciation.

  19. Identity Fraud Expense
  20. We will pay up to the limit chosen for expenses incurred by an insured as a direct result of any identity fraud first discovered or learned of during the policy period.

  21. Farm Machinery Glass
  22. Breakage of glass in the cab of mobile agricultural equipment may be covered for the limit chosen with no deductible.

  23. New home under construction

Not all coverages, credits, and discounts are available in all states.