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  1. Policyholder Website Services - Commercial policyholders who purchase various coverages have access to websites, such as:

    Comprehensive Identity Management Services

    Commercial policyholders have access to CyberScoutTM’s website, which includes news alerts on current identity–fraud related risks, trends, articles, data risk, and breach expense calculators and a wealth of preventative guidelines to help individuals avoid and deal with a stolen identity.

    CyberOne Coverage Risk Management

    The risk management website provides businesses with a number of tools and sources of information that can help them assess and manage the risk of a cyber attack. Key features of the portal include:

      Incident Response Plan Roadmap - suggested steps a business can take following a data breach incident.
      Online Training Modules - Ready to use training for business owners on privacy best practices and Red Flag Rules.
      Risk Management Tools - tools to assist a business in managing their data breach and other cyber exposures including self-assessments and state breach notification laws.
      eRisk Resources - a directory to quickly find external resources on pre and post-breach disciplines, computer attack response and data recovery.
      News Center - cyber risk stories, security and compliance blogs, security news, risk management events, and helpful industry links.
      Learning Center - best practices and white papers written by leading authorities.

    Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

    Our EPLI coverage includes a loss prevention website to help educate businesses about how to avoid situations that can lead to an employment action. The website offers online tools and information including:

      Examples of employment risks.
      An overview of employment laws.
      Model employment policies and procedures you can download and use, including a small business employee handbook.
      Developments in employment law.
      Frequently Asked Questions.
      Web-based training modules for you and your employees.
  1. Loss Control Services
  2. Our loss control services will help you minimize or prevent losses from occurring so you can continue running your business operation smoothly and without interruption. As a service to our policyholders, loss control representatives are here to help you by analyzing exposures in your business and giving you recommendations of risk management techniques intended to reduce the frequency or severity of losses. These can range from installing safety devices to establishing procedures to help keep your employees safe. Let us help protect your business so you can focus on achieving your objectives.

Not all coverages, credits, and discounts are available in all states and/or programs.