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With Celina Insurance Group, you will be rewarded for your achievements. We believe that fiscal responsibility, furthering your education, and customer loyalty are actions that should be rewarded, and our premiums reflect this.

Talk with your independent agent today to see if you qualify for any of our auto discounts.

Select a discount to learn more:

  1. Auto/Home
  2. Insure your auto and home with Celina, and we will apply a discount to both policies.

  3. Claim Free
  4. Rewards you for loss-free coverage.

  5. Advance Quote
  6. Rewards you for planning ahead by quoting your policy several days in advance of the effective date. Must have had no lapse in coverage to qualify.

  7. Electronic Fund Transfer and Paid in Full
  8. Discounts are provided when you choose to enroll in our automatic withdrawal plan and/or pay your premium in full.

  9. Continuous/Prior Insurance
  10. New insureds are rewarded for having continuous, high-limit liability coverage with their previous carrier.

  11. Empty Nest
  12. Have your kids left the nest? This discount is available for named insureds age 40 and over if there are no other members in your household.

  13. Longevity
  14. Discounts apply depending how long you have had continuous coverage with Celina with no interruption in payment of premium.

  15. Stability
  16. Rewards you for living in the same residence and being employed at the same place of business for several years.

  17. Professional
  18. Discount is available for each driver that has completed a 2- or 4-year post-high school degree and is currently employed.

  19. Several Youthful Discounts
    • Good Student – rewarding students for their academic achievements.
      Street Smart Program – A discount is provided if your youthful driver participates in our Street Smart Program.
      Driver Training – rewards youthfuls that have successfully completed a driver education course (IN, TN, and IA only).
      Minor Child, Youthful Multi-Car, and Spin-off – talk with your agent to see if your youthful driver qualifies for any of these discounts.
  20. Automatic Seatbelts, Airbags, and Anti-Theft Devices
  21. Discounts will apply depending on the type of safety and anti-theft equipment that are installed on each vehicle.

Not all coverages, credits, and discounts are available in all states and/or programs.